Here are some of our Wedding experiences and stories to inspire you

We have has lots of different experiences at wedding. Perhaps some of these will help you to create your own unique event.

The most romantic engagement ever!!! QUARTET

Surprise Engagement Party ,Southam with Celebration String Quartet

We were asked by a young man to appear with instruments and stands, in a field near Southam, Warwickshire, on a certain date, at a specific time. We found the marquee and a small table with glasses and champagne.

Eventually at the far corner of the field, we saw a group of people appear. They looked very casual and had a little dog with them. As they came towards us, they were looking quizzically at the marquee, obviously wondering what it was doing in the field, then we started playing. They were completely baffled until the young man came close to us, asked his girlfriend to stand by him and gave us the nod. We played ‘In The Wee Small Hours of The Morning’ which was a special song for them, and the young man got down on bended knee. He sang the song to his lady friend while we accompanied him, and he offered her an engagement ring and asked her to marry him. It was the most romantic thing I have ever experienced in my whole life and we were all in tears. Fortunately, his girlfriend accepted so it was champagne all round.

Peckforton Castle, Cheshire DUO

Stunning wedding for Celebration Duo at Peckforton Castle.

For the entrance music, Suzie arranged the theme tune to ‘Ladies in Lavender’ which has a beautiful violin solo. We also played this in its entirety for the signing. She also arranged ‘Night of the Elves’ by Arlene Faith for violin and cello for the recessional. Later, the father of the groom joined Clare and Suzie on the drum during ‘The Kiss’ from the ‘Last of the Mohicans’ before all the guests went in to the Wedding Breakfast. Everyone listened and they absolutely loved it.

Sudeley Castle, Winchcombe QUARTET

This was a beautiful setting and the perfect setting for us to play ‘Kissing You’ from Romeo and Juliet from the balcony, while the bride and groom entered the dining room. It brought a few tears to the bride’s eyes.

Ragley Hall, QUARTET

This was a Russian/English wedding. The bride wore an amazing traditional red dress and although there were only about 15 people, they booked our quartet to play. Suzie arranged a suite of Russian folk songs and we hardly took a break because it was so quiet. We were so glad to be there to break the ice.

Buckland Hall, Brecon Beacons, Wales QUARTET

The bride entered down a dramatic central staircase, to the theme from Notturno in Gondola. Later the husband and wife descended the same staircase to ‘Superman’ theme, much to everyone’s amusement.

Bovey Castle, Devon QUARTET

For the entrance music, the bride asked for ‘When I Fall in Love’ and we played the whole piece as she walked right round the hotel perimeters. She arrived at the steps where the guests were waiting and up the steps just as we finished the last chords. The timing was perfect and it was SO romantic. Suzie wrote an arrangement of Gettin’ Happy – a Dolly Parton Song complete with egg shaker for the signing music.

Town Hall, Oxford followed by Exeter College SOLO CELLO AND TRIO

Solo Cello was required for the ceremony in the Town Hall. Suzie played some Bach Suite movements, ‘The Gadfly – Romance’, ‘Salut D’Amour’ as guests arrived. Then for the bride’s arrival, Suzie played the Theme from ‘Forest Gump’! which was very successful. Signing music was ‘It Had To Be You’. Exit music was ‘Courante’ from the 1st Bach Suite. This was followed by a trio reception at Exeter College.


The principal trumpet from the CBSO joined us for the American Princess TV series at Sudeley Castle

We were invited to play for the final episode of ‘THE AMERICAN PRINCESS’ which was shown on British Television and took place at Sudeley Castle. We entertained the presenters, THE CELEBRITIES including PAUL BURRELL and various dancers, amateur and professional, the whole evening. During the times in between shooting the programme, we played waltzes, polkas, fox trots, etc., and everyone was dancing to our music. It was such a fun, happy occasion and so satisfying for us to do what we do best.


And more…..

There was another wedding quite some years ago which stays in my mind. The quartet were asked to play ‘Jaws’ theme just before the bride entered the room, which caused quite a stir, then we played the ‘Arrival of the Queen of Sheba’ for the actual entrance music!

We have played ‘Mrs Robinson’ when the bride was about to take on that new name.

We have performed with singers and simply rehearsed on the day for 5 minutes. One such occasion was near Broadway, we performed the ‘Flower Duet’ with 2 singer friends of the bride.  Unfortunately, the bride was over 30 minutes late, so the quartet performed in a concert atmosphere for the guests to keep them happy.

The quartet played Suzie’s arrangement of ‘The Acrobat’, a famous piece for trombone, at a birthday party. The son of the birthday hostess played the trombone.

We’ve played sitting on haystacks, in tiny barns with the guests outside in the rain with complimentary umbrellas, we have seen an owl present the rings, horses and carriages, fire engines, doubledecker buses, and lots more experiences I simply can’t recall. If only I had written it all down, it would make excellent reading.